Addiction Canada Rehab Treatment Tailors Our Programs To Your Needs.



We know that everyone is different when it comes to addiction and that’s why we have a unique approach that’s geared toward the special needs of our clients. For example, it’s commonly understood that the medical detox is a good jumping off point to new sober lifestyle. Quite often the drugs and/or alcohol the people have used over number of years will cloud the judgment and the severity of some withdrawal symptoms can even make it next to impossible to absorb the tools and techniques available in a drug rehab like ours without this monitored detoxification period.


Talk Therapy


Addiction Canada Rehab is also well known for the small talk therapy groups we favor so that every individual can learn to share and become part of a recovery family while they are in treatment with us. The talk therapy model we commonly use steers people away from the negative thinking patterns that can lead to relapse and towards more positive lines of thought and  a sober and happy lifestyle.


We have a variety of different program lengths from 30 to 60 or even 90 days. The availability of sober coaches who are ex-addicts themselves who of gone through the recovery process and can steer a newcomer in the right direction are invaluable.


Medical Detox


If you’ve had enough of being sick and tired you can come to us and we’ll start you on the road to a happy and sober life at one of our world class rehabs with a safe and effective medical detox. It doesn’t matter what kind of drug you’re suffering through, we have everything from alcohol rehab to heroin rehab techniques to get you back up on your feet.