Education is another part of the Addiction Canada Rehab process


The number one priority of any drug rehab center like ours is to make sure the afflicted person gets off the substance that is slowly dragging them down and ruining any chance they have to live a productive and healthy lifestyle.


As part of our comprehensive approach to total recovery, we feel educating our clients and their friends and family about the issues surrounding drug abuse is the best way to prevent relapses and help people in the immediate circle around the addict understand the damage substance abuse can cause.


The educational part of the drug rehab process has several steps including:


  • Help in avoiding relapses. Because addicts generally suffer from low self-worth, they are susceptible to the triggers that can lead them to relapse and use their drug of choice again. Here at Addiction Canada Rehab, we make it our business to uncover these triggers and expose them so every patient who comes to one of our facilities has a catalog of what to avoid and what to do when presented with the stressors that lead back to a relapse.
  • Family help with education about addiction. People around the addict often want to help in their recovery but don’t know what to do because they don’t understand the nature of substance abuse. At Addiction Canada Rehab, we make it another one of our priorities to help family, friends and even co-workers understand what they can do and how substance abuse works on the mind, body and soul to change a person while they are under the influence.


We feel education is an important part of the drug rehab process for everyone involved.